About me

Welcome to my small corner of the Internet! My name is Jacob but my friends call me Jacoby. I was born and raised in rural northern Illinois and have a deep love for Midwest culture. I am a junior English education major at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. If I had to sum up my passions into one word it would be storytelling. While an ADHD brain makes telling stories a mind game with a lot of side tangents, storytelling is where I find meaning in my life and the world around me. Storytelling provides a path towards empathy. Ever since I was a young child, there has been no shortage of laughter in my life. Positivity and optimism have gotten me through the hardest circumstances and given me immense joy in the highest moments. Above all else, my life is devoted to loving God and loving others.

I have a deep passion for high school students and intend to spend the entirety of my adult career in the pursuit of building relationships and loving on teenagers, whether in the confines of an English classroom or the vastness of ministerial outreach. Young people need to know that they are loved and that they have role models in whom they can seek advice from.