My Writing & Stories

Writing has always been a hobby that I've enjoyed. Some of my earliest memories as a child were writing notes for my parents or crafting meaningful poetry to gift to my loved ones. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to study literature with an academic lens and have the freedom to critically analyze texts in thorough responses. My literary interests are quite vast, but my favorites are American poetry, American dramas, Christian nonfiction, and everything in-between. I am in the process of editing a critical analysis of Richard Wright's Native Son that I wrote for a U.S. Lit class this spring and I intend on publishing in an academic journal this coming fall. While the chaotic nature of college life and a lack of time often prevent me from writing more, I really enjoy writing in my journal about the beauty of life, friendships, and how I see God at work in my life. Nostalgia is often on my mind and a key focus of my self reflection for where the Lord has brought me from or what He's brought me out of and where He is taking me next. I look forward to continue giving my thoughts and feelings a voice through the words on a page and the plausibility that they'll resonate with someone else.

Check back soon for links to any published articles or creative writing! In the meantime, head over to my blog page ( to follow my 'Internet Journal' to see where the Lord is currently working in my life. I plan on posting a new post every month or so, depending on my work load. Happy reading & writing!